About this site

Some years ago I used to sit in bars a lot, always had my drawing-stuff with me, sketchbook, pencils, fineliners.  Drawing in public became quite normal over the last years and you should not feel offendend when people step by asking what you´re doing and why you wont stop staring at them like weirdo.

Sometimes I took some friends with me, mostly went out alone quite late after work. I liked the dirty pubs most, dark ambience, hard rock playing. Without intention and whilst drawing, you start listening to that people around you, stories, laughter, arguing, mixing that fragments with own ideas and thoughts.

This guy and his pal, both from england I guess, had a strange debate about guns and about how many to use. He was convinced it would be better using more. Didn´t find out if the guys have been talking about duckhunting or something else. Bit creepy.

Now, this blog is about the little stories in that bars, drinking holes and pubs. I´ve been doing this pubcrawling for several years, so there´s loads of scribbles and sketches to scan and write about. Hope you guys and gals like it.